BITCOINs Big Battle BEGINS! Who Will Win Control? CME Futures vs Tether

[, Music, ], [, Music, ], hey yo. What's going on viewers of the tube? My name is Tyler. Welcome to the channel. That knows. Every market cycle investment is built on some sort of manipulation, but just like Shawn Maguire knows we & # 39.

Ve got to give this kid direction, he can contribute to the world and and we can help them do that directions. One thing manipulations: another: there's, always a way to find direction in a world of manipulation.

You know the drill it's time for Chico crypto. Well, throughout the beginning of the week. Some very interesting things happen to the Bitcoin price traders across the board. Do not know what to think so.

What happened? Well to begin, the CME Bitcoin futures gap needs to be explained. So see me, Bitcoin futures are the Fiat back then settled futures contracts launched in December of 2017. Fiat backed and settled means there is no Bitcoin involved in the process.

It is just speculating on the price of Bitcoin in field usually USD. Unfortunately, this is a complete break away from the economic rules of the Bitcoin blockchain and gives large institutional investors usually tied to the banks in the top 1 %, an avenue to provide downward pressure on the Bitcoin price.

That's. What she amigurumi expose and because of this fact, something usually happens, called the seamy gap. This is when the price on the cme exchange falls behind or stays above the spot price on Bitcoin on all the other exchanges across the globe.

Regular crypto exchanges, never sleep, open. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but since eme is a regulated futures exchange in the u.s., they have trading hours, 5 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday through Friday, with settlement at 3 p.

m. so seeing me closes at 4 p.m. on Friday and stays closed until 5 p.m. on Sunday, so over the weekend, the global crypto exchanges usually pump the price, while seeing me as closed, creating a gap until settlements resume on CME and throughout the history of CME.

These gaps eventually get filled as the price of Bitcoin comes back down here's, a chart with CMI gaps throughout this year, gaps began to form when the pump started when at the 5200 range and one at 6400 range.

The next one was at the 8,000 range and then immediately after that, the 8400 range in June. This one got filled five months later in early October, and every other gap has been filled on the pump up except those first, two and the one all the way to the right.

The most recent one it got between eighty six hundred and nine thousand three hundred and fifty and here is where very interesting price action began, and it is a pure sign of manipulation with two camps fighting for manipulator control.

Everyone thought that, because of the gap, when see me resume trading, it crash was going to come down to the eighty-six hundred dollar range Satish and highly recognized market analyzer Willie Wu of Wu Bowl charts said this in regards to the gap being filled before.

Seeing me open, I think so. Btc has a tendency to fill volume, profile gaps and especially gaps in the CME. We still have time to burn before the BTC rocket ship takes off so a high chance to do that, while the price wanders sideways in consolidation.

This has been an almost guaranteed trade in the past, so sly, guys far and wide open shorts that they thought were going to be major winners. Well, here's, the price chart with the Bitcoin price, the white line and the CME price, the red and green bars as we can see.

The price across crypto exchanges barely budged, while semi crashed down to a low of eight thousand three hundred and sixty-four dollars, a flash crash before rebounding right back up and those sly guys they are pretty pissed here's.

A good Twitter thread to see the traders that opened up shorts scammy as [ __, ], ridiculous loss of words, an eighth off hipster, saying first time just like planned over the past 24 hours. A large amount of shorts got liquidated on bit mix, even though the price barely moved on the unregulated crypto exchanges, ordinary nope, but mini bit.

Mex Wales just got rekt and here's. What needs to be understood about what happened on CME, going back to the chart of the crash and looking at the CME trading volume. There is a mass explosion in volume over a hundred and eighty million.

That happens right before the crash. But if you switch to the one-minute chart, it looks like was part of the entire move right on schedule by naturality the volume traded before it dipped under 9k, while almost nothing was traded in the lower price ranges makes sense well.

This is a prime example of market manipulation in CME and it's called painting the tape, but but wait Tyler. I thought market manipulation can't crash the regulated markets - oh yes, yes, it can and it will painting.

The tape. Is an illegal activity that is prohibited in all security and commodity trading markets, because it creates an artificial price that the manipulators take advantage of high volumes always attract the attention of investors.

By painting the tape you increase volume, which then draws in other investors who then push the price higher or lower the direction, the manipulator was pointing to a short-term tactic, but can make the manipulators millions in a snap.

In this case, theame manipulators were pushing volume down getting rid of their holdings at the higher price, attracting other investors to contribute. While they take away all the volume, remember the chart, barely any volume was traded during the crash and it was traded before then after they buy on the way up at a lower price than they got in at interesting to see after the crash of volume was Green all buys at lower prices, and you know what the weird thing is: unregulated futures exchanges got attacked in a similar way just before seeing me on October 31st, Halloween BTC spot price dip from 9262 nine thousand and fifty five bucks in quick succession on coinbase Pro Spooky with number one Bitcoin analyst on trading view, Jacob Canfield warning everybody and saying another exchange dare bit flash crafts to 7700, although he does shell, his buy bit link below kind of pathetic.

But yes, the Dera bit exchanged at the same time crashed down from the 9200 reins to the $ 7,700 range and then one more that beat TSE futures exchange pumped to 15k, then dumped all the way down to 6k in a matter of minutes.

So were the big dogs testing the waters on the unregulated markets before doing on the regulated markets? That is what it kind of looks like to me and it's possible. A Bitcoin Heather bull has their paws in the regulated space.

So I've, been shining a light on this for some time mike Novogratz of galaxy digital made a massive block trade on back that takes place OTC and off the market to not affect the Bitcoin price, but that is backed not seeing me well.

Mike is connected to see me as CME Group is building a blockchain Gold platform with alpha point and Mike and his hedge fund are investors in the same company. I have no proof, but I wouldn't doubt for a second galaxy.

Digital and Mike are trading on the CME platform. I mean why wouldn't you and see me pays you to through their passive volume market maker program and of course, in July it was found out that Mike has had contact with BitFenix and tether when the New York AG released evidence of them Serving New York customers, especially Mike's, Galaxy digital.

So what's next for the Bitcoin price? Well, there are three gaps from CM e that need to be filled. Now that the flash crash took place, there is the bearish gaps which I showed earlier, one at the low of 6400 and the other at a low of 5,200 regular market participants, the bankers, the elite, the 1 % they wanted to go.

This way I mean back in 2018, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco put out research and concluded the launch of seamy futures crashed the price from the 20k peak. But then you have research from John M Griffin in Amman.

Qiong's, a paper titled is Bitcoin, really untethered, first released in 2018, which concluded by on chain research that tether and tether issuance were the reason for the Bitcoin pump up to the 20k level.

Concluding it was manipulation and not organic, well. Howdy doody. Just yesterday, a min and John released the updated version last edited on October 28, 2009 teen, and they have closed in on the culprit.

According to them by mapping the block chains of Bitcoin and tether. We are able to establish that one large player on BitFenix uses tether to purchase large amounts of Bitcoin when prices are following and following the printing of tether, the flow is attributable to one entity clusters blow round prices induces a sum auto correlations of Bitcoin and suggests Insufficient tether reserve before months in rather than demand from cash investors.

These patterns are most consistent with the supply based hypotheses of unpacked digital money, inflating cryptocurrency prices. They don't conclude who the manipulator is but strongly suggests bit. Finnex executives either knew of the scheme or were aiding it, but who is John and Griffin in omim Chong's.

Well, I took a look into it when the first report was published back in June of 2018, let's. Watch my immature self with two Chong in a brew. Now, who are these trailblazing researchers and where did all of this uncovered information come from? If you're, not like most people and actually breed the article, you'll, find that the study came from a couple of college students from the University of Texas, John m Griffin, who is a teaching assistant and a min Sean &? # 39 s a PhD candidate and looky here it looks like old.

Johnny boy has ties the Bank of America hmm pay for bud by the banksters, especially Bank of America. Also, this is the big news. Media outlets throwing the shade - and it does seem like a bit of a premeditated attack here's.

Another kicker the data supplied that was the basis of the research, was produced by the consulting firm ran by John Griffin and none other than the entity who dropped the original article Bloomberg business.

So John has connections to the bank's Bloomberg and his consulting firm is providing the data for these studies. So these are the guys who want to see the bearish steamy gaps filled, but remember I said there is 3-1 bullish gap.

The pink bar at the $ 11,800 range and some tether bulls are trying to make sure this happens. Cheers I'll, see you next time: [ Music, ]